La Llorona - Lila Downs


Last Friday...

To .. Antony K.

Morrisey-Let me kiss you


The nigthmare before Chritsmas...?

"Panic at the Disco- This is Halloween"



Mercedes Ferrer & Enrique Bunbury- Fantasia

Thanks for making my fantasy a reality


"Every day is like a Sunday...."

.. The day is beautiful if I want ice cream, walk around,
nonsense, laughing, sitting next to you and tell you a little secret,
your hand and keep walking ...

Song: " Can´t take my eyes off you"


...Pride (Just in the name of Love)

"Pido pues a mi orgullo que siempre vaya del brazo con mi cordura.
Y cuando me abandone mi cordura, pues le gusta alzar el vuelo,
que mi orgullo vuele siquiera del brazo con mi locura..."
Friedrich Nietzsche

dancing with tears in my eyes - ultravox


... The song....

"Strange Kind Of Love"

A strange kind of love
A strange kind of feeling
Swims through your eyes
And like the doors
To a wide vast dominion
They open to your prize

This is no terror ground
Or place for the rage
No broken hearts
White wash lies
Just a taste for the truth
Perfect taste choice and meaning
A look into your eyes

Blind to the gemstone alone
A smile from a frown circles round
Should he stay or should he go
Let him shout a rage so strong
A rage that knows no right or wrong
And take a little piece of you

There is no middle ground
Or that's how it seems
For us to walk or to take
Instead we tumble down
Either side left or right
To love or to hate


...Se apago una luz..

..No se que decir el dia de hoy, estoy inmensamente triste, solo quisiera decir que la fuerza del amor, todo lo puede, todo lo vence y todo lo logra... Hermanita te amo y no estas sola en estos momentos, toma fuerzas de los que te amamos y veras que este momento sera superado...

Esta con otros angelitos y siempre te protegera...


Beautifull Day

"... It is amazing how a look, you can change your entire day, you feel good, feel happy and tickled the belly ... who will look at is your loved one .. and it transmits it in everything you do. you are surprised .. ..... smiling every time you think that person ....
Is love ....!
What better way to start the day not? "

D. Bowie - ChinaGirl